Austin Duggan Becomes a Renaissance Brother

On Sunday September 21st, 2014 the New York Beta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon awarded Austin Duggan, SigEp's long time Resident Scholar, the title of Renaissance Brother. Austin Duggan, a philosophy graduate student, has been living in the Chapter House and has served as an invaluable resource to the Chapter. He regularly puts on seminars for the brotherhood such as Boxing, How to Drive Stick Shift, and other seminars that improve the undergraduates various life skills. In addition to these seminars, Austin has served as valuable support both academically and personally for the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon. He has brought a huge amount of energy and passion to the Chapter as a Resident Scholar and since receiving the title of Renaissance Brother, Austin expressed just how honored he is to be a part of the NY Beta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon. But, even though Austin is honored to become a Renaissance Brother, what he does not know, is just how much he adds to this NY Beta and how honored we are to finally call him a Brother.